Internet of Things
Will it change our way of life?

We think it will be a radical change. The connected "intelligent items" we are already using will allow incredible innovation both on a personal level (such as home automation and smart home) and on a global level (such as smart cities and smart grids).


How to  
step into Industry 4.0?

Agic Albania supports companies in this important change involving an innovative use of technologies and a strategic data management.

By adopting the IoT solutions available on Microsoft Azure platform, Agic Albania can realize the most suitable project for your company. With a unified architecture, monitoring and data analysis, it will be possible to increase performances and productivity, reducing costs and risks.


"The IoT-enabled applications and infrastructure software market will represent a 33-billion-dollar opportunity in 2025".



"By 2025 many items of everyday life will become devices connected to the Internet - from food packaging to furniture, to paper documents, and so on".

(National Intelligence Council)


Goals &

Agic Albania develops projects for the acquisition and sharing in real-time of the company data available on the fundamental business assets.

Our team of experts in Big Data, communication technologies and infrastructures, cybersecurity, can enable IoT systems and get, for example:

  • Integration of business processes with personal devices that we use daily
  • Data transfer to cloud to improve scalability, control, or enable predictive algorithms
  • Enhancement of the technological platforms and data already available to the company


The Internet of things
A revolutionary change
for your company

Advantages of a connected organization

You can speed up the transition to Industry 4.0 to increase plants’ productivity and profitability. Connect and monitor industrial equipment and devices in cloud mode, get analysis, graphics and reports to optimize the performance and efficiency of your resources throughout the whole production process.

Remote monitoring

You can capture data and information to create predictive models, connect devices, assets and sensors to the cloud. Access to production and supply chain data reduces the costs of downtime and waste, improving productivity and lowering costs.

Predictive maintenance

You can improve the availability of assets and operations through predictive maintenance, based on the collection and analysis of data provided by sensors and systems. Successfully planning maintenance helps reducing downtimes by making full use of the assets’ useful life, retaining their value.


You can ensure the security of physical devices, connections and data, using device authentication, configuring credentials and even individual identities and for each connected device.

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