Business Intelligence 
& Data Analytics

Models, reports and analysis KPI advanced and interactive developed on Microsoft Technology, for flexible and evolutive Business Intelligence and Performance Management systems, easily customizable by users, according to their specific needs, and in a self-service mode.


Statistic analysis

Evolved Business Intelligence Models

BI solutions for statistic analysis for data re-elaboration, based on the business operating systems. Solutions can be integrated with ERP, CRM and HRM systems to introduce cross analysis to monitor company performance and control critical or key to success areas.

The Solutions are designed on a Microsoft Power BI platform allowing connection with hundreds of data sources with pre-defined governance and security. It simplifies data preparation and production of eye-catching, interactive reports and dashboards, even in self-service and accessible from web and mobile mode.

MS Excel enhanced with add-in PowerPivot is the tool for creating BI solutions in self-service mode, enabling the analysis of deep phenomena even on demand.


Microsoft BI Suite
Transform your data into precious informations 

Directional analysis also on Mobile

Performances improvement


The MS SQL Server Reporting Services reporting tool can query both relational and multidimensional data structures and present information through reports, even complex, searchable from a native web interface or from SharePoint or even integrated into Power BI.

With Mobile Report Publisher is possible to create reports specifically designed for an optimal use from smartphone and tablet devices, through the dedicated app for iPad, iPhone, Android phones and Tablet and Windows devices.



BI means providing the right data to the right people, so that they can make the right decisions

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Power BI


Controlled Management
Corporate Performance Management

Reporting and Control:

  • Planning and Budgeting (HR, CDC, Work Orders)
  • Forecast, simulations, “what if” analysis
  • Company Budget and Management
  • Data Collection: manual and automatic data entry (structured or unstructured)
  • Directional dashboards
  • Operational reporting and business analysis

Cortana Intelligence Suite

Advanced Analytics for better decisions  

Cortana Intelligence is a suite of intelligence, big data and advanced analytics, fully integrated within MS Cloud and designed to help your business to transform data into smart actions through advanced features, such as machine learning algorithms, big data storage and analysis and cognitive services.

 We will support you with the integration of the suite functionalities with the existing infrastructures, extending business solutions as needed.




Your Bot with MS Bot Framework

Wherever yours are conversing

Implement smart bots to interact naturally with your users wherever they are, from SMS to Skype, Office 365, or ordinary e-mail.

  • Dashboards to record, publish, and manage Bot
  • Automatic translation into over 30 languages
  • Users and status management
  • Example boards and tools for a complete conversation
  • Chat simulator and reusable dialogs
  • Cognitive services and understanding of natural language
  • Bot Directory

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