Help Desk
Support and Solutions

The Help Desk handles any type of intervention request, providing an effective solution alongside the user. The assistance is monitored through a reporting aimed at reviewing all activities: resolution of blocking activities for the user's operation, maintenance interventions on the application, setup changes and more.


Channels & Flows 
Opening ticket

The request for intervention by the customer can be done through the web portal Support, via e-mail or telephone. An automatic e-mail will inform the customer of the ticket booking.

Tickets are promptly handled by the help desk resources, who carry out the support activity from the analysis to the resolution.

The type of assistance is generally divided into three typologies:

  • Help Desk 
  • Evolutive
  • Corrective


At the end of the intervention, the customer receives communication about the task completion, and is requested to verify and send a feedback about the correct ticket resolution.

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Closure mail

At the end of the process, an email will be sent automatically to the customer reporting the resolution and the closing of the ticket.


with the customer

Customer relationship is at the center of the Help Desk activities, and all resources are involved in this process by focusing on the following points:

  • Respect for “service levels”
  • Understanding the needs of the users
  • Better communication with users
  • Greater focus on users’ needs
  • Increased efficiency of support dynamics


Depending on the agreements with the customer included in the Application Maintenance, the help desk sends the invoices of the processed tickets by mail periodically.

Customer service

The Help Desk service provides customers with a direct channel, consulting and technical support from a qualified team.


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