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Projecting, planning and developing the right web communication for your business and digital marketing.


Multi Device

Responsive Web Design

For the best performance of your websites, a rigorous study for responsive views modes has been carried out: graphics and contents will be accessible through all the main devices, anticipating behavior for various resolutions, defining strategic breakpoints, operating carefully on textual and visual contents. The User Interface of navigation can determine the success of your marketing strategy.

Visualization of web content through mobile is constantly increasing among users, so the customization of mobile interface requires special attention and care: the navigation menu will be characterized by extreme simplicity of use; icons and buttons will be redesigned for this purpose, as well as buying and selling processes through e-commerce websites, or an enrollment form, the key elements that can finalize your project processes, make conversions, and increase contacts and opportunities for the achievement of predefined marketing goals.

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UI/UX Design 

The Web image evolves from a simple showcase to a marketing management and control tool. The study of web communication, user experience and useser Journey becomes a strategic marketing asset for unique and unmistakable solutions.


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Design Team
Agic Albania collaborates with Art Directors and Designers who customize web and mobile applications, alongside developers, analysts and web architects, operating across different platforms (Microsoft, Sitecore, NopCommerce), and on the main CMS (.Net and Open Source).


New Generation

Agic Albania creates customized and structured e-commerce portals, dimensioned for small to medium or large business, also using enterprise platforms, integrated with the most modern digital marketing tools.

Our projects can be integrated with ERP/CRM platforms, Business Intelligence and Reporting & Analysis tools, in order to be able to manage flows in the best way possible, by analyzing visitors behavior and data, for statistical and commercial purposes.

E-commerce should also have a good Look&Feel. At the base of each and every project there is the analysis of a unique and unmistakable concept, that can maximize your products and/or services by successfully completing your business marketing strategies.


The Customer at the center of everything

Step into the Digital Age!

An epic digital revolution is going on: customers are now able to connect each other and share data, threads, hints and reviews. Consumers have the new chance to spread their experiences with little or no effort. Basically the customers have not changed, but the way they decide has now changed. Your success is the key for the Digital Transformation!




Think Big!

Today “thinking big” means listening to customers, showing awareness about their needs, presenting relevant content and appropriate offers. It is necessary to be faster and smarter than the past, using the most advanced technologies. Today, a good “connected” marketing can overturn a company's fate and frustrate competitors: consider the success of Airbnb, Uber, Esurance...Your website is a truly strategic tool!


Success Cases

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